Can hiring be smooth, fast and painless? We believe so!

Mobile first and driven by innovation, hirebeen is the most efficient job search portal, connecting daily thousands of jobseekers and employers!

Are you looking for your next career move?

Get matched with the best job opportunities near you, apply in 1 click.

Are you looking for your next hire?

Spend time doing work you enjoy while hirebeen handles your time-consuming and repetitive recruitment tasks!

While mobile technology is now omnipresent in our daily life, we feel traditional talent acquisition best practices can easily be upgraded with digital alternatives: walk-in vs online applications, piles of paper based resumes vs cloud-based Applicant Tracking Systems, face-to-face interviews vs Zoom videoconferencing…

hirebeen is available both on Web and will soon be available on Mobile App. It makes the job search and application experience accessible and enjoyable : job openings designed to streamline interactions between candidates and employers.

Thousands of jobseekers rely daily on our free job search, job matching alerts,career resources library and online courses to build their career. You won’t miss an opportunity, guaranteed timely updates about your applications and automated reminders when you get invited for an interview.

Employers enjoy an efficient recruitment automation platform, equipped with built-in features that generally come on top of traditional job boards. hirebeen combines automated scoring and filtering of candidates, user-friendly Applicant Tracking System, to help you get rid of the repetitive traditional hiring tasks.


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